​​Behind the scenes IPRNS.com is working closely with the industry's leading phone carriers and vendors to bring you high paying reliable call & SMS terminations.    

About Us

Experience Matters. ​The founder of IPRNS.com has extensive hands on experience advertising International Premium Rate Numbers and Audiotext services in nearly every major market across the globe.   We now also offer Premium SMS Numbers on IPRN.

From being the first ever to advertise Audiotext ads in China and Southeast Asia back in the early 1990s to managing domestic premium rate companies in Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Greece and Mexico we have not just placed ads in markets we have spent significant time working in dozens of countries across Asia, Europe and Latin America.

India is of particular strength with 20 years experience through extended trips developing lasting relationships with media and talented personnel.

Trust your premium rate traffic to a company that truly knows the business and is undeniably qualified to advise you on how to maximize your revenue.

IPRNS.com & IPRNSMS.com are proudly owned & operated by Suncoast Global Telecom Ltd.

International Premium Rate Numbers

Carrier Relations

The IPRNS.com team has been actively advertising and providing Premium Rate Numbers since the early 1990s.